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Sh. Prem Mehta, H.E.S.-I


Dear Students ! Education is a very broad topic, and its true value and significance go far beyond just helping students achieve high exam scores. It involves helping students develop wholly as individuals, boosting their sense of self-worth and dignity, developing their character, increasing their mental fortitude and intelligence, and making them uniquely their own. by enabling one to stand on their own two feet. Success cannot be attained quickly. No magic, jantar, mantar, tantra, or heavenly force can ensure victory. If you want fruitful results, you must behave and think in a different way. The same actions produce the same results. There is just one method for success that students should always keep in mind: "Hard work pays off." You must be extremely disciplined, focused, careful, active, aware, smart, committed, dedicated, motivated, and absolutely determined. Students should always keep in mind that they have a 24-hour job. The darkness of despair will be banished from your life forever by the flame of hope you ignite in the hearts of others. The best way to take care of yourself is to take care of other people. The greatest evil is selfishness, and a man's true character is revealed in his generosity. When we cause someone to fall, we also fall. Be a role model rather than a preacher, as it is simple to preach but extremely difficult to follow such principles. If you try with all your heart, you will undoubtedly succeed, and nothing in the world can prevent you from reaching your goal. Never be frightened to do good things; be tenacious in achieving success! May God grant you phenomenal success in the coming years !