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Dr. Sumitra Sangwan


Not gold but exuberant youth endowed with unbounded zeal, epic courage and Herculean stamina can make their nation strong. Only sincere, devoted and dutiful youth – our young college students, the reservoirs of limitless capabilities and youthful energies can shape the future of society and the country as a whole. With their grit guts and under proper guidance, they can wage a relentless crusade against various social evils and anti-national forces that are bent on fanning the fire of communal frenzy and disintegration among our united people. At present, when our country is confronted with various serious problems, the duties, responsibilities and assignments of everyone of us including youth have multiplied manifold as after all "who lives if India dies and who dies if India lives ?" Ever since I took over the reins of administration of this college with my positive approach and unstinted co-operation of both teaching and non-teaching staff of the college, I have put in earnest endeavours to provide the students various opportunities for displaying their hidden talents. Despite limited resources, almost every essential activity was undertaken during the session for the harmonious development of the personality of the students. It is said that "an empty mind is a devil's workshop" and so students were provided teachers in almost every subject. Sincere efforts were made to maintain discipline and instil a conducive and congenial atmosphere for studies in the college. Unfortunately some students seek admission in college, cut their classes deliberately, waste their time and believe in passing the examination by adopting unfair means. But once such students are caught copying, their one or two years are spoiled and they have to repent afterwards in life. Dear students, time once is lost is lost for ever. Always enjoy the company of good, well behaved, respectful and hardworking students. Never think of destroying the property of the college or breaking discipline in the college. Never encourage the entry of 'law-breaker outsiders' in the college and always keep your aim in mind. This is the age of neck-to-neck competition in every field of life and so hard work is the only passport for success and glory. The maxim 'look before you leap' should always be kept in mind and respect your ideal 'Gurus' who are your real guides and well wishers in life. Prove yourselves to be ideal so that your parents and the institution may feel proud of you.